cubesmart - cicero

CubeSmart in Cicero was converted from an existing, multi-building, warehouse and manufacturing space into a premier, climate-controlled, residential self-storage facility.

The main challenge we faced with this project was working with multiple existing buildings from different eras of construction. The buildings featured a variety of construction types, including heavy timber, light gauge steel, and structural steel with open web trusses. We worked to discover a way to knit the buildings together into one cohesive project that was user-friendly, safe, and clean.

Our solution involved creating ramps that connected the separate buildings while negotiating their inconsistent levels. In order to ensure all storage units could be accessed on even ground, the ramps were designed in a perpendicular orientation to the storage corridors. The ramps also filled in existing dock levelers, which are not necessary for light storage.

The renovation also included a complete redesign of the HVAC systems, along with an envelope study that provided new insulation and vapor barrier to allow for climate control. We designed the new façade to be contemporary yet contextual to the existing industrial neighborhood. We also transformed the architecture into signage by utilizing the corporate colors of the storage operator in the metal panel.

The building now boasts a clean, uniform appearance that brings new life to a well-worn area of Cicero’s industrial past.