Firm Profile

Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Architects was founded in 1994 upon this commitment: to combine superior design with exceptional client service. The firm’s growth has been based on our fidelity to those ideals, and their expression in our built works. Through the development of long-standing relationships with clients whose commitment to good design equals our own, we have expanded our practice to include large and small residential and mixed-use projects; urban design and land planning; a variety of industrial and commercial work; tenant build-outs; and consulting services for the financial industry. 

Exceptional client service is our hallmark. We make sure that each project is rigorously organized, that staff responsiveness is swift, and that communications are extraordinarily thorough. We at SGW are careful listeners and interpreters, because we know that these skills are vital to ensuring that our work achieves the highest aspirations of our clients. 

Client dialogue is at the heart of the SGW design process, which is open and collaborative. We are very comfortable when a builder is brought into the mix early on, and we often work in a design/build arrangement. We impose no architectural dogma, but enjoy the exploration and mastery of a spectrum of styles ranging from classicism to modernism. Our designers are keen students of architectural history, and this depth of knowledge guides us in giving form to the vision expressed by each client. By combining our aesthetic sensibility with a pragmatic approach to construction and budgets, and a practical concern for the utility and durability of our buildings, we ensure that the design of each project is of the highest quality, from conceptualization all the way through final detailing. 

Our land planning and urban design work incorporates the principles of New Urbanism and Transit-Oriented Development. Each SGW project is designed with special regard to its surrounding context, and the contribution it will make to the sense of place and neighborhood. We have made a careful study of the elements of human scale which make older cities and towns such pleasant places to live, and this forms the touchstone of the firm’s planning and urban design thinking. By updating these concepts for the twenty-first century, SGW has skillfully integrated buildings and projects into settings ranging from Michigan Avenue to coastal Maine, from the Minnesota prairie to Waikiki Beach. 

We at SGW are committed to incorporating green principles and sustainable technologies into our work, and we are knowledgeable about the practical and effective means of doing so. We have designed numerous Green projects, from single family homes and large townhouse projects to substantial multi-unit buildings. SGW was instrumental in the establishment of the Green Building Council of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. Many of our staff are LEED accredited professionals. 

While we build for client satisfaction rather than to win awards, we are pleased to note that our projects have been honored by a number of organizations, including the Association of Licensed Architects, the Chicago Landmarks Commission, the Homebuilder’s Association of Greater Chicago, the Illinois/Indiana Masonry Council, Builder Magazine, the Precast Concrete Institute, and the Chicago Association of Realtors. 

Articles and features on our work have recently appeared in the magazines Beautiful Homes, Chicago Home and Garden, Builder, Custom Home, and Mini-Storage Messenger; on HGTV, and the TV show Builders and Buyers; and in the blog